World’s Most Expensive Smartphone: iPhone 5 Gold & Diamond Edition

The smartphone market is growing tremendously and in the crowd of smartphones, it is the iPhone line-up that shines the most. Talking about the iPhones, as you know, the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone so far. You can be a proud owner of iPhone by paying small amount.

Wait! Did I say small amount? I am sorry for the mistake! The price of iPhone 5 ranges from a few dollars to some millions of dollars. Well, to be specific, it goes up to $15.3 million. Oh! Pinching yourself to check whether it’s dream or reality? I confirm that it’s reality though I can’t pinch you for proof.

If you have got $15.3 million in your pocket and are in the mood of investing it somewhere, on some tech product, then iPhone 5 is waiting for you. The British luxury designer Stuart Hughes has created luxury iPhone 5 that can be yours for £10 million ($15.3 million). This is the world’s most expensive smartphone till date. Just take a look at the device in the picture below.

Most expensive iPhone 5 black diamond edition

This most expensive iPhone 5 is coated in solid gold and features both black and white diamonds. This gold and diamonds make it pull whopping $15.3 amount from your net worth.

Hughes is not a new name in coming up with highly priced tech products. This is well-renowned name when it comes to luxury tech products. Hughes has made gold Apple products before. His past work includes: the Solid Gold iPhone that costs $33,678 (£21,995), iPad Supreme Fire Edition whose price tag is $168,424 (£109,995). But this time, this English designer and jeweler has broken all of his previous records. The whopping $15.3 million is all because of $14.5 million deep cut black diamond.

most expensive smartphone in world

Hughes lists on his website that he has created solid gold iPhone 5 with diamonds on it, at the behest of a Chinese businessman. As per the report of CNN, British luxury designer said that Chinese businessman owned rare 26-carat black diamond. This rare diamond had been passed from one generation of his family to the next. The Chinese businessman desperately wanted to include his rare 26-carat black diamond in iPhone, and so the Hughes did so at his behest.

Hughes lists the features of this luxury black diamond iPhone 5 on his website. As per the details posted by Hughes on his website, this most expensive smartphone (iPhone 5) includes an inlay of 600 white diamonds, which are located within the Apple logo on the back and on the edges. The ‘Home’ button of this iPhone 5 is made of single, deep-cut, black diamond. This black diamond weighs 26 carats and is of $14.5 million.

Oh! Did I talk about the hardware features of this luxury smartphone? Well, nothing to talk about that, as these are all same that you get in regular iPhone 5.

Someone has said rightly that hobby does not have any value. Those who don’t believe will start doing after seeing this example. We are curious to know your views about the $15.3 million iPhone 5. Use the comment box to make your views reach us.


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