Top Android Games In 2014

2014 has just born, yet, it is going to be the best year for android game lovers. If you are gaming person, then you would be playing games with your Android phone 24×7. Android is the best platform to run any type of games on them. Android platform never crashes for any game irrespective of the game size. All you need to have is a good android loaded mobile phone. The following are the best android games in 2014. It has been sorted out by the reviews and by the people’s vote on the top android games that were used during the first week of 2014.

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best android games 2014

Star Wars – Tiny Death Star

This game is completely about space stations. If you are a space lover then this game can excite you to the core. A civil war rises in the galaxy and the Emperor is said to be building a Death star for each level. The emperor badly needs your help to construct the death star. Join hands with the emperor Palpatine and go on a mission to attract the Galactic bitizens. Run intergalactic business and attract them to build the death star. Use your money to completely conquer the galaxy and the universe is yours for all.

Thor – Dark World

Thor is the popular English movie that has many fans for it. This Thor is said to be the God of Thunder and it is the most wanted adventurous and action packed game. Malekith is the lord of the Dark Elves. He leads his troops to destroy all the nine worlds. Thor should race in order to stop Dark Elves from making the universe turn into darkness. Join hands with the forces and make an epic quest to stop the dark ambitions from happening in the universe.

Galaxy Legend

This game happens in the year 2841. A new chapter arises in the story in which human is said to be the beginning of it and it gets completed by exploring the stars that can be found on the universe. The game happens in a sci-fi landscape where you get every opportunity to find the mystery behind it. You must be taking the Commander for vying your power. Get rid of the space pirates, aliens, enemy outposts and much more to reach the final level. When you finish the game you will be named as “Commander”.

Castle Clash

Build your own castle and battle on your own way in this game. Hire legions that have powerful heroes with them. The powerful heroes can turn into the greatest warlord. Create an army with Elves, Beasts, Dwarves and robots. Make your empire strong so that you can face any type of enemy.

GT Racing 2

If you are a race car lover, then this is the best game that makes you ride some prestigious cars. Enjoy multiplayer in this game. Experience all new driving facilities in this game. Your driving skills can increase when you ride your car on the tracks in this game.

These are just few of the amazing games available out there for your Android smartphone or tablet. We’ll add some more amazing  games to this list as we discover them. Stay connected with us!


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