Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone

The smartphones getting launched nowadays come with high quality camera, dual cameras mostly. The competition between the smartphone makers is at its best; therefore, they keep working hard day in and day out to bring the latest camera technology in their smartphones. But buying the best camera smartphone in the market does not ensure that you’ll be able to take mid blowing pictures with it. You need to learn a few tricks of the trade to be able to do it. Therefore, we are providing you few tips below which will help you capture better photographs with your smartphone.

Take Better Photographs With Smartphone Camera

Get Close to the Subject

Try to get close to the subject of which you want to take the picture. Of course, you can use Zoom feature for that, but a small experiment will clear that why to get close to the subject instead of using Zoom feature. The small experiment is that just click the pics of same subject in both the ways. Compare the quality of pictures. You’ll definitely love the picture that you clicked by going close to the subject.

Try Different Angles

Angle of clicking picture matters a lot in defining its look. If you want to click a good picture with your smartphone, then try different angles. This is quite shocking that most of the smartphones users click the pictures from the same angle. They don’t even try the different angles. Come on, the pictures that you are clicking with your smartphone are not going to cost you anything. Keep on clicking one after the other with different angles. By doing so, you will definitely come to know the value of angles in photography.

Edit the Pictures

If you seriously want to take the look of your clicked photo to a new level, then let me clear that it is not going to be possible without using ‘edit’ feature. Well, if you are taking the word ‘editing’ as applying new filters in Instagram, then you are completely on the wrong track. The filters that you use in the pictures wash out the originality from the pictures. The pictures do not seem to be genuine then. There are many good apps such as iPhoto, Photoshop Express etc. that let you edit your pictures in the real sense.

 Find the Best Natural Light

Photography is not a simple task. It involves many rules. The one is that you should find the best natural light for clicking picture. The timing of best natural light for your photo depends on the type of photo that you wish to click. For example, if you want to click landscape photos, then the best time for this is when sun is low in the sky. Chat with any photography expert in this aspect, he will give you better idea that how to find the best natural light.

Clean Lens

Now this is something that is not any tricky thing, but quite common to understand. If your smartphone’s camera lens is not clean, then it will not click the pictures at its best. Therefore, before clicking picture, better clean the lens.

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Use Third-Party Camera App

There are many camera specific apps that come packed with lot of features which your smartphone does not offer. Just go to the app store meant for your device and search about the camera apps. You will certainly find many good options out there. Pick the best one and start using it. These third-party camera apps work better for you than the Stock Camera app.

So, these are the few tips to help you click better photos with smartphone. Follow these tips and keep practicing to get the best results. If you know some tips for better smartphone photography, we would love to hear it from you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends because sharing is caring :).


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