Sony Xperia Z Problems & Bugs

The Sony Xperia Z was launched earlier this year and has been generating a lot of buzz; mostly because of its superior ability to resist water and dust. The phone itself sports a very sleek and stylish look and was eagerly anticipated by the public to get their hands on this latest gadget from Sony. Alas, there seems to be quite a few issues that plague this particular handset.

sony  xperia z problems

Camera: leaves a lot to be desired

The one thing with Sony phones that everyone is assured that will be fantastic, is of course its camera. Unfortunately, even though this device has 13.1 MP camera, the quality of the photos does not impress much. There are tiny issues like the absence of a shutter button and slow shutter speed that aren’t ideal on a supposedly superlative camera phone. The images tend to look good on the phone screen, but when viewed on the computer screen they lack the sharpness that you would normally expect. Also, the camera does not perform well under bright light and even the night mode does not generate good quality photos.

The sudden death glitch

A large number of users have been complaining about this particular problem. Many users have experienced their phones switching off completely, suddenly in the middle of doing a task. In others, their brand new phones have completely ‘died’ several times in their hands. The phone completely loses power and shuts down suddenly. In some cases the phone comes back to life after you switch on the power button, but it some it remains dead.

Security problems

The screen lock of the phone as it turns out, does very little to actually restrict unauthorized use of your phone. The security screen lock is quite simple to bypass and anyone can easily gain access to all the contents in your phone. There are several YouTube videos that have simple instructions that anyone who knows how to use a phone can follow.

Performance issues

Packed with the latest android operating system; Jellybean 4.1 and a super fast processor; you’d expect that performance wise the Sony Xperia Z would definitely leave its competitors behind. But the phone seems to have a heating issue when used for a long time. Plus while playing games you notice that sometimes there is a time lag. While all smart phones have a problem with providing a battery that lasts long, the Sony Xperia Z’s battery power is very less especially in comparison to other handsets in the market.

Also, the battery cannot be removed. Hence, if something goes wrong with the battery, there is no way of replacing it.

Uncomfortable to use

While the massive 5-inch display screen is a welcome to many who hate squinting at smaller screens, it also makes handling this phone with one hand a little difficult. If you have small hands, this poses a bigger problem. Another issue is that its edges are quite sharp, so keeping it next to your ear to listen to someone on the other end makes it an unpleasant sensation.

So while the Sony Xperia Z has plenty of features that make it an attractive phone to buy, some of these problems could prove to be a deal breaker for many. Note that these bugs are reported by the users who own Xperia Z. Not all the users are experiencing all of these bugs and issues. So, if you are lucky enough, you may not come across some out of these issues on your Xperia Z.

By the way, if you have come across any bug other than the mentioned ones, then feel free to spread the world about it. Use comment box for this purpose.


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