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In this section, you can find Smartphone tips & tricks which are quite useful. These tips and tricks will make your Smartphone usage more effective. You can also discover some new things which you can do with your smartphone to make your life more organized.

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Top Android Games In 2014

2014 has just born, yet, it is going to be the best year for android game lovers. If you are gaming person, then you would be playing games with your Android phone 24×7. Android is the best platform to run any type of games on them. Android platform never crashes for any game irrespective of

Tips For Smartphone Security

So, purchased smartphone after saving your hard-earned money and entered the queue of smartphone users? Or you are in the queue from a long? Whatever is, you must be worried about the security of your smartphone, right? So, what steps have you taken to secure your smartphone? Oh! So you don’t even know what steps

Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone

The smartphones getting launched nowadays come with high quality camera, dual cameras mostly. The competition between the smartphone makers is at its best; therefore, they keep working hard day in and day out to bring the latest camera technology in their smartphones. But buying the best camera smartphone in the market does not ensure that

Tips To Improve Smartphone Battery Life

The smartphones getting launched nowadays, comes with top-notch multimedia features. You can play high-end games, can browse the web, can watch videos, can listen to your favorite music tracks and many more things on these smartphones. Well, to enjoy all these features, your smartphone must have a long lasting battery. Sadly, most of the smartphones

How To Clean Smartphone Touch Screen

Do you hate the finger marks that occur on touchscreen of your smartphone when you play games and with regular use too. Then follow our guide to clean touchscreen of smartphone easily and keep it shiny all the time. You can also follow this guide to clean the touchscreen of tablet PC. If you want

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

One advantage of having a smartphone is that you can capture the current screen of your smartphone easily. Either you want to show off your high score in Temple run or want to share your new homescreen setup with your friends, you can always take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4. You don’t have