How to take screenshot on Xiaomi Mi phones

Xiaomi’s phones are very popular for the awesome specs they offer for the prices that their devices sell at. They also have one more thing that makes their phone offerings a unique experience for their consumers, The MIUI software that all Xiaomi phones run. MIUI is a heavily skinned version of Android that is an experience of its own. It comes loaded with features and customizability options. It’s also updated regularly with added features every two months.

Taking screenshots is a rather common thing these days and screenshots are also very helpful to capture the on-screen data that one can then share easily or store for later reference. MIUI has also added its own flavor for this rather common but very useful feature.

take screenshot on xiaomi mi phones

Button combinations: In MIUI you can take screenshots by pressing both the power button and volume down button at the same time or you can also take a screenshot by pressing the volume down button and the menu button at the same time. For people who prefer to use button combinations to take a screenshot, this gives two distinct way through which you can do the same.

Quick settings tray in status bar: You can also take a screenshot by swiping down on the status bar to bring down the notification panel and depending on the MIUI version you can either swipe left or swipe down again from the notification panel to access the quick settings page. Here there is a quick setting tile that when pressed takes a screenshot.

Quick ball: Quick ball is an easy access tool that is part of MIUI that can be enabled in the shortcuts area in the settings app. The quick ball when activated gives you a small on-screen menu with options to go home, back, access the menu and so on. The quick ball can be minimized and placed in a corner of the screen when not in use. One can take screenshots from the quick ball too.

Three finger swipe gesture: On MIUI 8 and above one can activate the option to take a screen shot by swiping down three fingers on the display on any screen to take a screenshot. This feature comes in very handy compared to all the other methods as after you get used to this method it becomes second nature.

Long Screenshot feature: Xiaomi also has built in a long screenshot feature into MIUI that can be used to take a single screenshot of things like a text conversation in one go. This can be done by first taking a screenshot by using one of the methods stated above after which a small window appears showing a preview of the screenshot that you just took in the left corner of the screen. There is a button on this preview that when pressed allows you to capture a long screenshot. Once pressed you can scroll down on the screen and the software will stitch together one unified screenshot.

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So those are the ways one can take a screenshot using a Xiaomi phone that runs MIUI. Hope this helps and allows you to take better screenshots.


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