Samsung Note 3 Rumors Roundup

Samsung has just launched it’s flagship android smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S4” and rumors have already started for another big Samsung device, Galaxy Note 3. Let’s check out some of the rumors about this upcoming phone cum tablet.

As an Android freak and true Samsung fan, you must be familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the phablet in the shape of phone, which made Samsung taste huge success. The popularity curve of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still following the uptrend. The huge success of Galaxy Note 2 is the reason why people are eagerly waiting for its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 3 has been shining in the headlines of tech blogs for past some time. Nothing official is known about the Note 3, but the rumors are hitting the waves of web every now and then.  Since all the rumors have got something different to tell about this much anticipated phablet, therefore it is hard to say anything about the features of Galaxy Note 3.

samsung note 3 leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could feature massive 6.3 inch display.

Of course, more rumors will be hitting the web with as the time will pass, but most of the rumors are meant to make the air hotter, nothing follows up in real. Anyway, let’s have a look at the rumored specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Rumored Specs of Samsung Note 3

The chain of rumors about the specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 started from a rumor coming from Korea Times. The rumor claimed the 6.3-inch LCD screen in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The information was cited as coming from anonymous sources. Samsung could use high quality LCD screen for better stylus performance over AMOLED which has been used in previous two versions of Galaxy Note.

Well, the rumor about the screen size is most likely to come true. Samsung loves to offer high quality display in its gadgets. 6.3-inch will be perfect for Galaxy Note 3 as the crowd really gets attracted by the large screen. Since many 5 inch smartphones are now available in the market, so if 5-inch is what company opts for, the Galaxy Note 3 will become a part of denser crowd, something that the South Korean giant really hates. There is another rumor about the screen size, which claim the size to be 5.9-inch. We can’t be for any specific out of two rumored screen size. Fingers crossed!

Then later on, Bogdan Pirvu claimed that Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by Samsung’s latest Exynos 5 Octa chip. The chip is in the development mode. Samsung guys are working over it so that Galaxy Note 3 can be blessed with latest technology.

Last month, the information from unknown resources suggest us that stylus and finger hovering will be there in Galaxy Note 3. You might know that 5% of Wacom has been acquired by Samsung. May be this acquisition is done for this purpose only.

The latest one in the huge chain of rumors came two weeks back. This rumor suggest us that Visa payWave NFC Mobile Wallet App will be there in Galaxy Note 3. This app will allow users make transactions on the go, without requiring a credit card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

The rumors suggest the release date to be August or September of the current year. This rumor does not have base, so let’s just underestimate it and wait for the new rumors to join the list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price

No rumor has come up in this aspect. Of course, it will be more expensive than Galaxy Note 2. Particular price tag or even price range can’t be guessed at the moment.

Samsung has just launched Galaxy S4, and they will launch Note 3 after 5-6 months at least, so it doesn’t outshine S4. We’ll update this post when any new information comes out from the rumors mill. Join us on Facebook or Twitter for latest updates on Samsung Note 3 and all other smartphones.


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