Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2: Waterproof & Rugged Smartphone

Samsung galaxy Xcover 2 is up for grabs as Samsung is launching this new edition in the extensive collection of smart phones. The phone was announced recently at Mobile World Congress 2013. This smartphone is packed with lot of good features and looks good at the specs sheet. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 and then a detailed report of the features of this smartphone.

Pros: Rugged, Waterproof, IP67 certified, Bright display
Cons: Small battery

samsung galaxy xcover 2

Samsung galaxy Xcover 2 Specifications:

  • The Samsung galaxy X cover 2 is a Smartphone that is certified with an IP 67.
  • Display – 4”LCD
  • It has a dual core processor (1GHz)
  • 1GB RAM
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • Autofocus Camera  5 megapixel with rear view and also has LED flash
  • Front facing VGA secondary camera
  • Inbuilt memory with 4GB with micro SD and updated options of connectivity.
  • It runs on 1.1.2 Jelly bean android which has a vast variety of widgets to choose from
  • Battery-1, 700mAH
  • Audio jack with standard 3.5mm
  • RDS FM radio
  • Offers 2 year warranty


Design and built

It cannot be considered as the best design but it is unique in its own way especially in case you are tired of the latest trends of recreating possible all sizes. It has more practical keys and has an extra sensitive touch which will work even if your hands are wet or you may be wearing gloves. The phone is completely waterproof and to ensure this feature it has special plastic flaps that plug the holes airtight to make sure the phone is safe from inside. At the back there is a lock provided that keeps the panel safe. It will need a coin or something similar to open the lock.

Above the display, there is earpiece and a proximity sensor, which is watertight. The phone also has an ambient sensor that automatically helps in adjusting brightness of the phone. The sides are made up of metal and to improve grip on the phone it is totally ribbed. Rounded corners make the hold excellent of the handset.


Endurable Handset: -Get Socialized

It will handle your daily requirements with ease and efficiency. Whether you want to surf the internet, Google maps for finding ways or connecting with friends this handset will do it all for you. The features are so advantageous and phone is fully functional that you will not be able to place your phone aside for one minute. It can endure even the most energetic lifestyles. Get socially connected instantly with enhanced connectivity feature. It has a torch light function and scratch free window. Anti scratch windows are four to five times stronger and can endure scratches and falls.

Waterproof and dust proof

The mobile is made so rough and tough that whatever you throw it, it can easily withstand. Galaxy Xcover 2 is IP 67 certified and suitable for any situation. It is completely water proof and dust proof. You don’t have to worry about your phone in placing it in a safe place. It is best for the outdoor reliabilities.

The new Smartphone has all the best features and is a mid range Samsung phone which offers the benefits of other Samsung galaxy phones. What do you think about “Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Samsung galaxy Xcover 2 price & availability: This smartphone is now up for grabs, a Finnish retailer is now selling it with a price tag of €329 (around $428). It will also be available in UK from this month. However, there is no information at this time about it’s launch in US and other countries.


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