Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, features rumors

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphones at the MWC event which took place a few days ago. The next Galaxy S smartphone which will be launched by Samsung is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S7. There is no official announcement by Samsung electronics however there are many rumors surfacing on the internet. As per the inside sources of Samsung electronics it is expected that the next Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S7 will land in the first quarter of 2016. One of the reasons that Samsung will launch the next Galaxy smartphone so early is because of massive competition between Apple and Samsung. There are some features which you can expect in the Galaxy S7 and some rumors have leaked the specifications which you will get to see in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Have a look below to find out the expected expectations in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

galaxy s7 concept curved

A concept design of Samsung Galaxy S7


Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

4 GB Ram

The current Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 3 GB Ram, so it is expected that Samsung will add 4 GB Ram to the Galaxy S6 smartphone. There are very few smartphones which are out there right now with 4 GB Ram, such as the Asus Zenfone 2, Mi Note and there is probability that Galaxy S7 will also make to the list. If the device comes with 4 GB Ram, you can do a lot of your office work on your Galaxy smartphone without need of your PC or laptop with you.

64 Bit processor

We expect that Galaxy S7 will come with a 64 bit processor clocked at 3 or 3.5 Ghz processor speed. If Samsung adds this much processing speed, the device will work like a charm. There are not going to be any lags in the device if it will come with 64 bit processor and 4 GB Ram.

samsung galaxy s7 concept

curved design would be cool


128 GB Memory

Samsung is soon going to bring mid-level smartphones with 128 GB as the inbuilt storage option and there is a huge probability that you will get 128 GB as one of the storage options with the Samsung Galaxy S7. If the device comes with 128 GB storage option, we are sure that you don’t need to add an external micro SD card to the device.

30 Mega pixel camera

As per some of the rumors for the Galaxy S7, it is expected that the device will sport a 30 mega pixel rear camera. The rear camera of the device will come with dual LED flash and will have optical image stabilization as one of the features in the device. We are not sure about the front camera but we think that there is going to be a 5 Mega pixel front camera in the device. There is a new technology named Gigapixel which will most probably available in the Galaxy S7 which helps in taking amazing pictures.

This is all the information which we have related to the Samsung Galaxy S7 for now. If we get any new piece of information regarding the same we will share it with you.


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