The Past, Present & Future Of Smartphones [Infographic]

Are you curious about the evolution of smartphone? Have you ever wondered about the future of smartphones? Well, this infographic will answer most of the questions you might have in your mind about past, present and future of smartphones.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Living without one, could be a nightmare for some. This Infographic, created by proves the same.

The Infographic talks about how the journey of smartphones started, present era of the smartphone with some stats and what is expected in the future from smartphones. Journey starts in 1946 when first wireless network, AT&T was established. In 1974, Thodore George Paraskevakos patented the basic smartphone concept. Blackberry made smartphones popular in 1999 with its e-mail device. The real revolution began in 2007, when Apple launched iPhone. Google’s Android blown up the smartphone market in 2008 and quickly became the most popular OS for smartphones. As per the infographic, Android OS dominates the smartphone market at the moment with 68% market share.

Infographic predicts that till 2016, sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs and 1 billion smartphones will be sold annually. Some interesting features are also expected in the future smartphones such as implanted smartphones, phones that will take any shape etc. Take a look at the Infographic below. Don’t forget to share with your friends if you find it as interesting as we did!

smartphones past present future infographic

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