Firefox OS Smartphones 2015

Firefox OS is the newest operating system for smartphones and tablets launched by Mozilla. You can find all the latest and upcoming Firefox OS Smartphones 2015 below.

Firefox OS Archive

ZTE Open – The First Firefox OS Phone

ZTE Open was announced at MWC 2013, it is the first ever Firefox OS powered smartphone. Let’s have a look at the features of ZTE Open. ZTE Open is the Smartphone depending on the Firefox OS with the touch screen of 3.5 inches and also with the display of HGVA. This is supported with the

Alcatel One Touch Fire With Firefox OS

The very first Firefox OS Smartphone was seen at the MWC 2013 event which included Alcatel’s one touch fire which shared the stage with the ZTE’s open. Similar to open the one touch fire is low end and small which is based upon the designs of Keon reference. It has processor of 1 gigahertz and