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Nexus 5 rumors roundup


Update 29 March 2013: Latest rumors suggests that Google will focus more on better camera and battery life in Nexus 5, instead of focusing on bigger and HD display which is trend in recently launched smartphone in 2013 like S4, HTC One & Xperia Z. According to the rumors, Google will stick with 720p IPS display to keep the costs down.

Update 18/03/2013: Google is reportedly working with Nikon to bring Nikon’s expertise to Nexus 5’s camera. According to the rumors, Nexus 5 could have Nikon’s advanced camera technologies and could feature “triple sensor” array. Both the companies have worked on Nikon S800C Android camera. And camera is being said to be the major feature of Nexus 5 smartphone. So it’s a great news for those who are waiting for the next Nexus phone.

Update: It is being expected that Google could launch Nexus 5 in May at the Google I/O event, however there is no official word on it yet. Another update is that it could feature the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, which will debut at the I/O event. So, Nexus 5 could become the first phone to have this version of Android with expected 5.0 inch HD display. 

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The Google Nexus fans might not have been settled down by the launch of Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5 is already creating the buzz in the smart phone market supported by endless rumors about its release and specifications. The market is already hot enough to handle other model of Nexus from Google in collaboration with LG. Seeing the current scenario of the mobile market, the Google Nexus 5 launch date is not expected before second half of this year.

Nexus 5 Rumors Leaked Images

The Specifications

The high end smart phone has already suffered numerous so called leaks claimed by various people on Internet and the specifications according to them are very clear and are mentioned as under:

  • Design

This is the area where the Nexus series of phones have lagged in the past and an improvement is on the cards. The similarities to previous model are also a possibility with few modifications on back design.

  • Display

It is surely going to be better than Nexus 4’s 768 X 1280 screen resolution. 2013 surely will bring a trend of 1080p resolution HD screens as a characteristic feature of high end smart phones.

  • Processor

It cannot be less than Qualcomm S4 Pro quad core processor as the features rumored to be part of Nexus 5 can’t be supported at any cost by a processor of smaller specification. Many people believe that one can see new processor for Nexus 5 that will be targeted to provide processing speeds like one has never experienced.

  • Storage

Nexus devices are disappointing on the storage aspect as the MicroSD support is not provided by them. This is one of the major reasons why people are forced to go to other high end smart phones which support MicroSD card. Google Nexus 5 might come with 8 or maximum 16 GB of internal storage.

  • Android Version

Android 5.0 has a very strong possibility measures to support the functioning of Nexus 5. But if Android 5.0 hits the market soon enough then we can see an upgrade on Lime Pie in Nexus 5. These are the spec which everybody has eyes glued on.

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Google Nexus 5 Price & Release Date:

As discussed earlier the market is too busy with Nexus 4 only to support an early launch of this high end smart phone so we can see the 2nd half of the year as the right time for Google Nexus 5 launch date. Seeing previous launches of Nexus series smart phones in winters it can be expected in later part of the 2nd half of 2013. So the Google smart phone lovers might have to wait a little more. Price of Google Nexus 5 could be around $399, $449 & $499 for 16GB, 32 GB & 64 GB variants respectively. However these are just speculations and final prices will be available after the official launch of the phone.

The Final Verdict

No matter it fails or passes on the launch, Google Nexus 5 is enjoying its shares of rumors and speculations in the market and has become a hot favorite topic of smart phone nerds. Till the official Google Nexus 5 release date, one might have to abide by these rumors only to check on the specifications.


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