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Selfie culture – positives and negatives

Smartphones with high resolution front cameras gave rise to selfie culture with people taking photos of themselves along with their friends. Throw in social media and you will find tons of selfies posted across different profiles on a regular basis. Now days we are also supplied with a selfie stick accommodating large number of people

Future of Smartphones

We can’t even imagine our life without mobile phone now a days. Mobile phones, especially smartphones became a part of our life and most of the times they are playing a crucial role in our routine activities. In the near future, we may see several advanced features in the smart phones which can be summarized

Best Camera Smartphones 2013

If we talk about today’s trend of buying a new phone, then camera is one of the major deciding factors that people use to buy a new phone for them. This is quite clear from the fact that all mobile phone makers put a hard work in the camera part of their mobiles. This is

Sony Xperia Z Problems & Bugs

The Sony Xperia Z was launched earlier this year and has been generating a lot of buzz; mostly because of its superior ability to resist water and dust. The phone itself sports a very sleek and stylish look and was eagerly anticipated by the public to get their hands on this latest gadget from Sony.

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally up for sale, and many out of you might have ordered it as well. The smartphone has got tremendous software and hardware features. You need to pull a big amount from your pocket to own this device. It’s quite obvious that you want your Galaxy S4 to last for a

Samsung Is Working On Galaxy S4’s Water & Dust Resistant Variant

Latest update: Few pictures and a video of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active have been leaked on internet. According to the sources, it comes with same specifications as the original ones, except for the rear camera, which is 8 MP in S4 Active instead of 13 MP in original S4. The looks are totally different, S4

Google X Phone AnTuTu Benchmark Leaked, Flaunts Android 5.0.1

If you keep yourself updated with the latest tech news, then you are most likely to be familiar with the presumed Motorola X Phone. It is the most rumored smartphone of the year and has been in the rumors since early January of this year. As the time of Google I/O event is coming near,

The Past, Present & Future Of Smartphones [Infographic]

Are you curious about the evolution of smartphone? Have you ever wondered about the future of smartphones? Well, this infographic will answer most of the questions you might have in your mind about past, present and future of smartphones. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Living without one, could be a nightmare

Android Phones To Get Key Lime Pie Update

This is a well-known fact that Android, the open source mobile operating system by search giant ‘Google’ is the best mobile operating system. Android devices are now on the top in terms of popularity and sales count. One of the biggest reasons why Android devices are so popular and everyone wishes to buy them is

World’s Most Expensive Smartphone: iPhone 5 Gold & Diamond Edition

The smartphone market is growing tremendously and in the crowd of smartphones, it is the iPhone line-up that shines the most. Talking about the iPhones, as you know, the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone so far. You can be a proud owner of iPhone by paying small amount. Wait! Did I say small amount?