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Lot of smartphones are going to be announced in 2015, which you can track here. Check out the list of all new smartphones of 2015 at this page below. Join us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates.

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Best smartphones of 2015

There are a lot of smartphones to look out for in the market and it might get confusing in deciding which smartphone you should go for.If you want to purchase a new smartphone have a look at our list of Best smartphones of 2015. Apple iPhone 6 The first smartphone which makes to our list

Lenovo K900 Smartphone Features

If you are a tech freak, then the chances are quite high that you followed the CES 2013 event that took place in the first month of this year. If you did so, then you are most likely to be aware from Lenovo K900. The smartphone was previewed in the CES event and was praised

First Jolla Smartphone Goes Official

Just check out the tech news of any particular day, you will find Android ruling over there. New Android smartphones keep hitting the market every now and then. Android is enjoying a great time, but the near future may not be same for this Google’s mobile OS. Why? Well, new mobile OS are all set

Nokia Lumia 928 Features & Availability

We all know pretty well that major part of current smartphone marketplace is covered by Android and iOS devices. The time is not going good for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and manufacturer Nokia. It’s quite good to see that neither of these companies has let their hopes go down. Nokia Lumia devices, which run Windows

Nokia Announces Lumia 925

The¬†Finnish company ‘Nokia‘ has been struggling in the smartphone marketplace for quite some time. The only reason of this is the overwhelming popularity of Android and iOS devices. But the company is still making efforts to overtake the user base of its rivals. In its continuous efforts, a new one has got added. Nokia has

HTC Desire L Launched In Taiwan

The Android smartphones are growing rapidly and wreath for this tremendous growth goes to companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. Talking about the HTC, this is the name that does not need any introduction. This name is once again in the news, as the company has launched the HTC Desire L in Taiwan. This is

LG Lucid 2: A Good Budget Smartphone

Gone are the days when buying smartphone was nothing but just a hard-to-fulfill dream. Nowadays, smartphones are common to find. Thanks to Android OS which has made smartphones as common gadgets. The popularity of smartphones is quite clear from the fact that rumors about them start flowing on the web before their launch. People wait

Sony Xperia L Mid Ranged Android Smartphone

After lots of rumors and a long wait, the Sony has finally announced its mid-range Android smartphone ‘Sony Xperia L’. This announcement has brought an end to the rumors that were claiming that Sony would be focusing only on the high-end Android smartphones. Pros: Good display screen, Nice camera, NFC support Cons: Design is pretty

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 Unveiled

It seems that the tech news is meant to cover Samsung only, as this South Korean firm is once again in the news. Wait! Before you think that it’s about a new salty thing about Samsung Galaxy S4, let me tell you that you are on the wrong track. This time, Samsung is shining in

HTC First Specs, Features, Price & Release Date

Facebook has announced a whole new experience for your Android smartphone named as Facebook Home. Facebook Home is actually a new Android launcher, which will make your Android phone completely Facebook focused. The home screen will feature latest posts form your Facebook circle. Facebook Home is been made available for just HTC One and One