Motorola Nexus X Rumors

Google’s Nexus line-up has been very successful so far. None of the Nexus gadgets launched so far, is totally owned by Google. But, if the rumors are anything to go with, then Google’s first ‘completely owned’ Nexus smartphone is going from the development mode. The smartphone will be called as Motorola X Phone or Google Nexus X.

You might know that Google officially acquired the Motorola Mobility in the mid-2012. Motorola had been suffering from poor image in the market that was caused by company’s attitude in sending software updates to its smartphones. After acquiring the struggling firm, Google said that it will be working hard to gain reputation in the market.

After a few months of acquisition, news about Google’s behind-doors project, the ‘Motorola X Phone‘ made its entry to the virtual world of web. Wall Street Journal started the chain of rumors which is extending day by day.

motorola nexus X

Motorola Nexus X might be launched at Google I/O event in May.

Specs apart, the name of this smartphone- by Google-Motorola tie-up- is not confirmed yet. It was firstly rumored as Motorola X Phone. After shining in the news for a long time under this name, new rumors came up. Other rumored names of this smartphone are Motorola  Nexus X and Google Nexus X.

Motorola Nexus X  Rumored Specs

The rumors suggest us that rumored Motorola X phone will be 5-inched smartphone. The display would be same as of Droid RAZR M. The smartphone is rumored to wear the stunning Kevlar body outfit.

Motorola Nexus X is rumored to be powered by quad-core processor. We have already seen dual core processor in Droid RAZR HD. So the quad core processor is most likely to be there in Motorola Nexus X.

One of the biggest reasons of the failure of Motorola smartphone is the poor quality camera. Motorola smartphone do not offer good camera quality. Google knows it as well, and thus this rumored smartphone is expected to come up with amazing camera quality.

Coming to software part, rumors suggest that MotoBlur would not be there in Motorola Nexus X, instead, it will have a latest version of Android.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is rumored to be released at Google I/O. Rumors from Droid Forums say that if Google really announces the rumored OS, then Motorola Nexus X will be running it.

Motorola Nexus X Release Date

Lots of rumors are rolling over the web that suggest different release dates. The mix-up of all rumors make us believe that the smartphone will be hitting the shelves in this year itself.

Though all the rumors are ‘expecting’ it to happen with little hope, one rumor from an anonymous source is pretty much sure that Motorola X Nexus will be launched in this year. That anonymous source claim the information to be ‘official’.

The rumors from Droid-Life suggest that the smartphone will be released at Google I/O in May, while the other rumors suggests that Google will launch Nexus 5 at I/O event which could be built with collaboration with LG again after Nexus 4. However it’s also possible that Motorola X actually turns out to be the next Google nexus 5. Only time will tell what Google has got for us, but it’s really going to be interesting.

Motorola Nexus X Price

No rumors are there about the price of Motorola Nexus X. However, it could join the high end smartphone class with likes of  iPhone, upcoming Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, HTC One etc. We’ll keep you updated with the latest rumors and news on Motorola Nexus X.


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