Moto G Pros and Cons

The latest Motorola Moto G has created enough buzz in the market and is now finally available for the sale. The phone already has been regarded as the best budget buy and will surely provide the stiff competition to the likes of Samsung, Micromax, iBall and others.

The phone surely possesses some of the best features and at exact cost to ruin the market of other not so popular company as Motorola is still a brand name in the mobile world.

But, this phone too has some drawback in it which I guess you should know because before purchasing a smart phone its complete profile must be in front of us and that can’t be completed before comparing its drawbacks.

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motorola moto g

So, here below are some pros and cons of this phone. But, first we’ll discuss the pro part.

Moto G pros

Screen Size and Protection

The Moto G has a decent 4.5 inch Corning Gorilla Glass protected screen which definitely is perfect and scratch resistant. The size of the screen meets perfectly with its HD resolution screen. This is definitely a big edge; Motorola Moto G has over other phones.

High End Processor

The powerful 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor in it has enough potential to do the task smoother than your thought and the supportive 1 GB RAM is also a major part of its high end processing.

Besides, the Adreno 305 GPU is good enough play games on it with decent graphics and no glitches.

Variety in Colors

The Moto G is available in lot of colors which made it even stronger contender against the other manufacturers like Samsung and Micromax which are making the phone available in one or two colors only because to reduce the price.


The Moto G runs on the android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) which is scheduled to get upgraded to the latest android 4.4 (KitKat). Now, that will make this phone on the top of the list I guess.


The Moto G talks can’t be completed without mentioning its price. The handy US $180 price is just something which many of I think was looking to buy a perfect smart phone with all the demands of us meeting.

Moto G cons

But, does the Moto G really is a good smart phone? Well, I’ll leave this decision to you as I’m telling some of the cons of it.

The Size

Moto G is kind of a thick phone with some extra pounds of weight in it. In the world of slim and flexible smartphone the Moto G is quite an out of trend phone.

The Data Access

The fast growing internet world has accepted from every smartphone to run on LTE network now, but again the Moto G fails to execute this plan too. It has no access to 4G network at all. A major drawback!


The user demands their phone to be capable of the storing tons of images, videos, documents and other stuff so they don’t feel need to transfer their data every now and then.

Though, Moto G is available in 8 GB and 16 GB versions, but the lack of MicroSD card slot left is in the rear seat of the car.


Giants like Samsung, Apple, HTC and Sony are fighting over the camera quality now and in this fight of the quality capturing the Moto G again on the back side as it has only 5 MP of camera.

Though, it’s okay with the daily uses, but, can perform better with low lights or when you want to capture something with epic quality.

Wi-Fi Access

The users today demand the highest quality Wi-Fi access so that they can effectively use the public service at different places. The Moto G is lagging in comparison to the other phones.

The Moto G has only 2.4 GHz power of Wi-Fi access only. Not so good enough to talk about!

Wrap Up

So, I guess now you know all the aspects of the Moto G and can take a decision over buying this phone. Though, if you’re looking for a budget phone with decent specification than it still holds an edge over the others.

If you know anything else about the Moto G then you may share that with us in the comment section below. We would like to hear that from your side and if any issues, then we’ll surely help you.


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