Micromax A116 Canvas HD Features

Micromax A116 Canvas HD, which aws launched recently by the company is making lot of buzz, check out the features, pros & cons of this smartphone below.

With the mobile companies outdoing each other in every field, the key to survival is to present a new and unique feature in your phone. Before you launch it in the market, you should make sure that the rival companies do not get their hands onto it and entice the customers before you do. There are many companies launching their handsets this year thus making it twice the more difficult for the common folks to select the one for themselves. The Micromax, a mobile phone company from India has launched its first ever phone with quad core processor, the A116 Canvas HD.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD

The Canvas A116 HD, Micromax Smartphone is equipped with a 1.2 Giga Hertz quad core MTK MT6589 Cortex-A7 processor. It also comprises of 1GB Ram, runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a Power VR SGX5 GPU. The device comes equipped with an IPS display of 5 inches along with the high definition resolution of 1280×720. The color profundity of 16.7 million gives the customers a full HD experience. In the world today, the two slot or dual SIM card mobile handsets are rapidly gaining popularity.

With such a leading brand name in the mobile industry offering dual SIM card slots in the new launch, people are in for a treat. The Micromax A116 Canvas HD has dual slots for SIM cards. The memory of the device is up to 4GB of internal storage to expandable memory of 32GB (via micro SD card). The device is equipped with two cameras, both in the front and the back. The front camera offers a 2MP lens whereas the rear camera is 8MP with 720p for video recording. Apart from the above said, this Micromax Smartphone equipped with quad core processor supported by a 2100mAh battery has a battery back up for 174 hours and can stay put with a talk time for a period of 5 hours.

The connectivity for this new launch from Micromax holds great reviews. It is compatible with USB 2.0, GPRS, Wi-Fi hotspot, WI-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth and 3G. The handset also supports a speed of up to 42Mbps of HSPA+ connectivity. The bad news is, the company has given no information as to when the device will be seen in the US market. With nine specifications and an affordable price, the Micromax A116 Canvas HD has gained popularity as one among the best quad core processor Smartphone in the market.

The Advantages Of The Micromax A116 Canvas HD

There are five advantages of the Micromax A116 Canvas HD device that makes it a cut above the rest. The foremost being the price at which it is launched. The price makes it quite affordable for the people. Second comes the dual SIM card slots in the device. The handset has 5 inches HD screen giving good value for your money. It has a dual camera with decent imaging quality. The last and not the least, the performance of the device is enhanced due to its quad core processor.

The Disadvantages Of The Micromax A116 Canvas HD

The only disadvantage or the area where the handset lacks is the battery part. The battery drains out rather quickly giving it a short battery life.


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