iPhone 7 concept – The most amazing iPhone ever

Apple is all set to release it’s new iPhone next month. While everyone is guessing what the new iPhone will offer, we have designed this cool iPhone 7 concept based on leaks, rumors and bit of imagination. Check it out and don’t forget to share with your friends.

iphhone 7 concept

Let’s start with the most important part, the display. Our iPhone 7 concept features a maximal display on the front for extended experience with very little bezel.

iphone 7 display screen

Introducing the new force touch technology, which you might have already seen in action in new Macbook. Now your actions will depend on how you touch your iPhone screen. This will open up a lot of new opportunities and you’ll be able to do things quickly with just the amount of force applied by you when you touch the screen.

iphone 7 force touch

There is no physical home button in this concept. The fingerprint scanner is combined with in the display. Body construction is of Sapphire crystal and the touch surface is made with graphene having a 2160p display.

iPhone 7 fingerprint scanner

The A9 chip breathes life onto the minimalist design of iPhone 7 with M9 co-processor. It also features the new iOS 9.

iphone 7 processor os

It’s just 6.2″ thin.

iphone 7 thickness

Speaker has been re-arranged to the sides. Power buttons and the volume rocker are combined as a single entity on the left.

iPhone 7 speaker power volume buttons

Another feature copied from the new Macbook. A unified USB-C port for connectivity and power. Like it or not, this is going to be a standard within few years.

iPhone 7 usb c

The back Apple logo is no longer just for the branding purposes in this new iPhone. It glows every time there is a new notification. It also packs bio-metric sensors which will help you track your health activities. Recently, Apple filed a new patent which revealed that the company is researching ways to incorporate heart rate monitors, skin conductivity sensors, and other electrically conductive inserts into the iconic Apple logo on the back of all iPhone and iPad models. These features will make the Apple logo an important part of your smartphone.

iphone 7 apple logo

Let’s take a quick look at the specs sheet of our iPhone 7 concept.

  • 4.7 inch 2160p force touch display
  • Fingerprint scanner embedded on screen
  • A9 Chip with M9 Co Processor
  • 12 Mega Pixel with DSLR Lenses rear cam + 5 mega pixel front cam
  • 2100 mah Li-Po battery
  • Comes in 32/64/128/256 GB variants
  • Glowing Apple logo with health sensor

iPhone 7 specs

So, what do you think of our iPhone 7 concept? Liked it or not? We would love to hear your thoughts, use the comment section below.

iPhone 7 concept video:


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