iPhone 6: Speculations And Rumours

The smartphone market is always buzzing with some news or the other. There are always new phones to be launched, each company trying to outdo the other by introducing new technologies and trying to lure in customers. Apple; the technology giant always manages to create a lot of hype before the release of its products. The iPhone 6 is no different and there have been many speculations regarding its release date and features.

iPhone 6 Release date & price

There is no end to the number of rumors regarding the date of its launch. If some rumors are to be believed it will be released later this year. However, many tech experts believe that this rumor is highly unlikely to be true. Many experts believe that the iPhone 6 is most likely to be released in June 2014. The rumors surrounding its release date has created confusion among customers who are not sure whether to wait for this phone or not. It would be early to talk about it’s pricing, but if we look at the previous launches, iPhone 6 pricing could start from $600 (without contract). As always, prices of previous models such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s will drop after the launch of iPhone 6.

Overall design and look

There are many rumors floating around regarding the look and feel of the iPhone 6. While some of them seem too far fetched and incredible to be true, one can’t help wondering what if? Some of the speculations include that the new iPhone 6 while have a transparent look! Some rumors claim that it will have a holographic screen, laser keyboard and projector! These rumors seem extremely far fetched but at the pace at which technology is going, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Apple did come out with a phone with all these features.

There are many speculations about the home button on the iPhone. The home button is a trademark of iPhone and some rumors claim that Apple is planning to get rid of it completely. While this is admittedly a bold and risky decision, it might just work out in their favor. The rumors say that the home function will be incorporated in some other way; most likely on the touch screen itself. There is also a speculation that the home button would be shifted to the side.

iPhone 6 pics

Rumors suggests that iPhone 6 will not feature the iconic ‘home button’.

The new model will also be the thinnest and sleekest of all iPhone models till date. According to the experts, iPhone 6 will have more upgradations in the software part rather than the hardware part.

Release of other phones

If the rumor mills are to be believed, Apple plans to launch cheaper version of the iPhone 6. It is also said that only a few limited editions will be released in the cheaper model. Also, the new iPhone 6 will be released in different sizes. This will certainly be something novel with smart phones. Not many smart phone companies have released different sizes of the same phone version. Most companies release only ‘mini’ version of the same model.  While Apple has done it with its other products like the Mac Book and the iPods, it will be the first time that this approach will be used with the iPhones. On the other hand, some rumors suggests that Apple will launch iPhone 5S this year instead of iPhone 6.

Whatever the rumors and speculations might be, it is certain that this new phone will be worth the wait. What do you expect from the next iPhone from Apple? Share with us in the comments below.


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