iPhone 5S Rumors

iPhone rumors have began again and this time it’s about iPhone 5S or iPhone math or iPhone mini or iPhone 6. Read on to find out all the expected features and release date of Apple iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S Rumors

The iPhone is a big brand name in the mobile industry owned by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was first launched on 29th June 2007. There has been a series of iPhone launched till date. It has been just a few days that the iPhone 5 was introduced in the mobile industry. And now we have rumors coming up by saying that very soon an iPhone 5S will be introduced. However there is no official statement that has been made the makers of iPhone these are just the rumors that we hear from one of the other sources. May the rumors have come up because of the fact that the iPad 4 and the iPad mini was released in the market  just after the eight months of the release of the iPad 3 in the month of march so you never know another surprise may come up from the makers of Apple after iPhone 5 now. There have been so many different statements that have come up right from the appearance of the phone to the memory back up or the battery backup.

iPhone 5S rumored leaked photo

A leaked photo of the possibly iPhone 5S

  • iPhone 5S Release date

It was once read in a Chinese newspaper that the iPhone 5S will be soon released it is most likely to come up in the early months of this year (2013) and another source that is the Digitimes states that the apple will launch its iPhone in the middle months of 2013.

  • iPhone 5S display

It is also believed that the iPhone 5S will come up with a high quality High definition screen and an advanced camera with a good picture clarity. According to The China Times, a Chinese newspaper it will also have a ‘Touch on Display’ panel which will be introduced by the Taiwanese supplier with a 10 point multi-touch and it would be 0.5mm in thickness.

  •  iPhone 5S casing

As per a few more sources the iPhone 5S is not just the one handset which will be introduced, Apple will also make available new iPhone 5s case.

  • iPhone 5S camera

In the month of January in 2013 the iLounge received information about the design of the body of iphone5 s. They said that the design of this handset would be alike iPhone 5. The basic difference would be that the camera and the flash on the back will be bigger in size. As per other rumors the camera of iPhone 5s would be 13 mega pixels.

  •  iPhone 5S wireless charging

As per CP Tech, Apple had forwarded an application last month to get the Wireless Power Utilization patent. So wireless charging could finally become a part of the iPhone 5S.

In the end we can just conclude by saying these are just rumors that have come up from one or the other source, however there has not been any definite or sure word from the apple. Only time will tell what comes out from the Apple’s pocket. It’s also possible that they just skip the iPhone 5s and launch iPhone 6 instead. Do share your thoughts about the iPhone 5s and the features you are expecting from it in the comments below.


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