How To Clean Smartphone Touch Screen

Do you hate the finger marks that occur on touchscreen of your smartphone when you play games and with regular use too. Then follow our guide to clean touchscreen of smartphone easily and keep it shiny all the time. You can also follow this guide to clean the touchscreen of tablet PC.

Clean Touchscreen Of Smartphone

Microfiber cloth should be used to clean touchscreen.

If you want to have the shiny screen of your Smartphone every time, you have to understand the cleaning process thoroughly. The manufacturers have started to offer the special coating so that the phone can be protected from dust particles. With the help of these coatings, the users can keep the Smartphones away from chemicals as well.

We all hate to look the finger impression on the touch screen. In order to get a cleaner look, it is important to understand what steps to be taken to keep it cleaner than ever before. Below mentioned are some of the useful tips for all the Smartphone users who struggle hard to give a nice look to their phones.

1.       Go Through The Manuals

These days, all the Smartphones come along with the instructions and manuals. It is highly recommended to read them to know how to clean the touch screen. They mention it specific to the model of your Smartphone. Most of us tend to ignore these booklets and look for other alternatives. However, they contain useful information about how to clean the touch screen of the phone.

2.       Turn Off The Phone

Before cleaning the phone, it is imperative to switch off the phone. This will make you look at the finger impressions and other dust particles on the screen.

3.       Wipe The Phone With A Clean Cloth 

A microfiber cloth is the best for cleaning the mobile phone’s touch screen. You might find this piece of cloth along with the Smartphone or the sunglasses kit. If you do not have it anywhere, you can buy it from the market. The cost of this cloth varies with the sellers. Cleaning with this cloth removes most of the impressions on your touch screen.

4.       Moisten the cloth

If required, you can moisten the cloth and try to remove the harsh impressions of the touch screen. After this, you should use clean and dry cloth for extra cleanliness. This will give it a shine which you have been looking for. The circular movements are recommended for the cleaning with cloth. The distilled water is a good option, if you want to damp it.

A Few Considerations

Before cleaning the phone, you must keep certain tips in mind. They are mentioned below:

  1. If you cannot find microfiber cloth, you can use a cotton cloth.
  2. Always put your Smartphone in the case. This will prevent any damage to the device.
  3. You must wash the cleaning cloth properly to remove the dust from it.
  4. The screen cleaning kits are also the best option to keep the Smartphone away from the dirt particles.
  5. If you want to protect the screen from the scratches, you should buy a scratch guard. It is a film layer which gives additional protection to the touch screen.
  6. It is suggested not to overspend on chemical solutions because they may damage the gloss of your Smartphone.

By following above mentioned steps, you will be able to keep your Smartphone’s touch screen in a good condition. To have that lasting shine, you need to make sure that it is away from children. They may get tempted to play with the phone and leave shabby marks on the touch screen. If you found this article useful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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