Google X Phone AnTuTu Benchmark Leaked, Flaunts Android 5.0.1

If you keep yourself updated with the latest tech news, then you are most likely to be familiar with the presumed Motorola X Phone. It is the most rumored smartphone of the year and has been in the rumors since early January of this year. As the time of Google I/O event is coming near, we are hearing more and more about this rumored X Phone by Google and Motorola.

The release rumors claim the launch of this phone to take place at Google I/O event next month, but then we have other rumors that say that production work of the smartphone is not going good, so it will not launch anytime before the second half of the year.

The rumored X Phone is once again catching attention of all tech news blogs, as an AnTuTu benchmark for a device named Google X has been spotted. This was first spotted by Japanese language site RBMen. This benchmark does not refer to any X Phone or Motorola X Phone, but to ‘Google X’. It also shows that the Google X phone runs on Android 5.0.1 OS. It means that the next version of the Android is in development mode and we can expect Google to unveil it at Google I/O event taking place next month.

google x phone antutu benchmark

The other information that this benchmark provides is the processor, which it lists as 1.5GHz. Nothing can be predicted about the type of processor at this time. The processor can be any from Tegra 4, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and 800. As per the earlier rumors, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor will be there in this rumored Google X phone.

The device is listed with benchmark score of 1547. Devices with better benchmark scores are already available in the market. This a benchmark score suggests that Google X phone is not any high-end device, but only a decent one. Now this is matter of debate, as earlier this month, we Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that the phones by Motorola and Google tie-up are going to be incredible in features. They will be highly impressive, and should be called as “Phones-plus”, rather than just ‘phones’.

The information that this AnTuTU benchmark brings about the rumored X Phone is indeed very interesting, but the question is that ‘whether it is real information’? If we check the record of benchmark records, then we see the high chances of this benchmark details to go wrong. Of course, there are chances that the information can turn true as well, but the past record tilt the situation to former case.

Whether this benchmark test’s information is correct or not, one thing is sure that this highly rumored phone’s launch is coming near. We’ll be hearing more rumors about this joint project of Google and Motorola in the upcoming days. Take all rumors with pinch of salt.


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