Future of Smartphones

We can’t even imagine our life without mobile phone now a days. Mobile phones, especially smartphones became a part of our life and most of the times they are playing a crucial role in our routine activities. In the near future, we may see several advanced features in the smart phones which can be summarized as follows.

Future of smartphones

With the introduction of Touch ID sensor in iPhone 5S, several other companies are trying to introduce similar technology. According to our reliable sources, HTC will introduce similar functionality in its upcoming premier models. Samsung is rumored to feature an eye-scanner in its upcoming flagship device, Galaxy S5. So, fingerprint and eye scanners and facial recognition technologies are going to be used a lot in the future smartphones.

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Nokia introduced 41MP camera in its Lumia 1020 Smartphone. Most of the premium phones are now using 13 or 21 MP cameras and with Lumia 1020 entering the competition, other manufactures also trying to introduce high Mega-Pixel or Ultra-Pixel cameras to remain in the business. The features that are being offered by cameras are also under tough competition. Apart from techniques like slow motion capture, shutter shot, best image etc., in the near future we may expect more features in most advanced cameras.

wearable technology smartphones

Wearable technology is the future.

Inbuilt projector can be an added advantage of smartphones in the coming years. Mobile manufacturer Spice launched a smart phone with projector and it got less positive reviews but the idea inspired many and several mobile companies are trying very hard to equip a moderately good projector in their smart phones.

Voice Control is another advanced option which is being researched heavily and supplement to technologies like Siri and Google Voice, we may see several other technologies which are suitable for different accents and different regions.

With introduction of curved smartphones which are designed carefully and elegantly, people are expecting several design changes in the smart phones in the upcoming years.

Mobiles like LG Optimus 3D and Motorola MT810 are raising new expectations in the smart phone display technologies. People are looking beyond 2D technology in mobile phones and with in no time we may use smart phones with 3D and holographic projection facilities.

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Most of the smart phones are using batteries in the range of 2500mAh to 3500mAh. Though most of the batteries are sufficient for 1 day heavy usage, 3-5 days for moderate usage and up to 10 days standby time, this is not sufficient for future smartphones and we may see 5000mAh batteries with in a year or so.

Vivo Xplay 3S is a Chinese mobile which is equipped with 2K toting display. The best mobile chip now available, Snapdragon 800 can support displays up to 4k. So none of the smart phones of present generation are using the full potential of this mobile processor and this gap can be filled by one or other mobile soon.

Along with smartphones, the culture of phablets is also increasing. Samsung launched Note 3 with 3GB RAM and planning to release Galaxy S5 with 4GB RAM and Apple released iPhone 5S based on the 64-bit architecture and the competition for giving the best smartphone experience and thus capturing the highest share of smart phone is very high. This may lead to new smartphones having better features within the affordable price range.

We might see most of these features turning into reality within a year or less. Technologies like flexible displays could take some more time, but one thing is sure that future of smartphone holds lot of exciting stuff to offer. Are you ready?

What would you like to see in future smartphones? Post in the comments below.


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