Futuristic Features That Smartphones will Have Soon

Smartphone industry is changing quickly, new smartphone with amazing features are being announced. Check out some of the future smartphones features that could soon become true.

future smartphones

This is Philips Fluid, a flexible OLED concept smartphone.

Just a few days back, the South Korean company ‘Samsung‘ unveiled Samsung Galaxy S4. The Smartphone boasts eight core processor and several another awesome features. It’s not any hidden fact that Smartphone industry is following up curve in the success graph. The Smartphones getting launched nowadays pack amazing features, the features that are even hard-to-believe. Thanks to tough competition among the manufacturers which is making them work hard day in and day out to bring unique features in the Smartphone.

Well, if the present of Smartphone is so amazing, then how will its future be? There are many futuristic features that the Smartphone will have¬†soon. Let’s have a look at few such futuristic features.

Flexible Screens

This is the feature that is expected to get adopted by Smartphone industry in anytime soon. Even we had the rumors that predicted the flexible screen in Samsung Galaxy S4. Alas! It has not happened so!! But according to the analysts, there will be one time when only the smartphones with flexible screen will be available in market, and that time is not so far. Such screens will enable users to convert their smartphone to any desired shape. Some companies are even working to come up with wearable smartphones, just like the Philips Fluid concept smartphone you seen in the image above.

In-Built Projector

The future smartphones will come up with in-built projector. This will be a blow to gaming consoles as the smartphones will be started getting used as gaming console, the console for which the flat surface will work as TV screen and user’s body or voice will work as controller. This technology will also be like a boon for those who love to watch movies. They will be able to setup a theater at their home.

Holographic Projections

Since we already have a few 3D smartphones in the market, therefore, it’s quite clear that 3D screens will dominate the market in future. The ‘holographic projections’ that will mean a combination of projection from smartphones and 3D screen could be seen in the future smartphones. The holographic projections will change users’ experience with their smartphones completely. They will be able to re-size the images by compressing the holographic photos that will appear in front of them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality or AR is live, direct or indirect, view of real-world environment that is enhanced through computer-generated sensory input like video, GPS, sound etc. This technology is expected to be a part of future smartphones, as the smartphones are just perfect platform for it. The AR apps available as of now use the GPS technology for location searches. The revolution will be coming in such apps as the time will pass.

Seamless Voice Control

The future smartphones will be able to get controlled by voice input completely. The Smartphone companies are focusing on improving the voice control so that users can be able to control their smartphones hands-free. As of now, most of the voice-recognition systems recognized commands as sound waves. Siri by Apple is something different. It recognizes the the voice in the same way in which we human do. Of course, the voice-recognition system will be getting more and more intelligent as the time will pass.

So folks! These are some of the future smartphone features that could come true in a year or two. Which features you want to see in future smartphones? Do share with us in the comments below.


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