Feature Phones Outdone By Smartphones In 2013

With the introduction of wireless networks such as 4G and the cost of the devices coming down, the sale of Smartphones has outdone that of feature phones in the global market. In the viewpoint of the market researchers such as IDC, the above mentioned factors will prove instrumental for the Smartphones to outrun the sale of feature phones worldwide. The falling prices of both 4G networks and Smartphones have contributed a lot in this regard and eventually the smart phones have taken the lead in the present year 2013.

For many a years, the market analysts were of the opinion that a day will come when the Smartphones will take over the feature phone market with a storm. Their prediction seems to be turning out to be true in this year. According to the estimations made and the reports put forward by the IDC, there will be 918.6 million Smartphones shipped by the manufacturers in the year 2013. It amounts to 50.1% of the total shipments made by the industry. Furthermore, ending year 2017, the IDC expects the number of Smartphone shipments to rise to 1.5 billion. The IDC added that this rise in the number of the Smartphone shipments will correspond to about 2/3rd of the overall mobile shipments.

Samsung smartphones 2013

Samsung S4 is the latest in the list of smartphones.

These Smartphones have a number of features that makes you access your e-mail account, have social media apps, GPS navigation and surf the net. According to IDC, there are basically two main factors that have made the Smartphones gain popularity in the recent times. The foremost factor that has made a lot of difference is the price. With the fall in the price of the Smartphones, more people are getting propelled to buy it. The second important factor is the deployment of 4G (fourth generation) cellular networks by the carriers across the world.

There is a strong demand of these Smartphones in developing countries having large population like India, Brazil and China. According to IDC, this was not the case in the past. Until now, it was the developed countries such as the US where the Smartphone market had excelled. But, in the recent past, the Smartphones market has shifted from the US to the developing countries. There are strong chances in the near future, that the sale of these Smartphones in the developing countries will surpass the sale in the US and similar markets. According to the reports provided by IDC, during last year the Smartphones’ sale in China surpassed the US market.

With a shipment of over 301.2 million, China is projected to hold the leading Smartphone market in the year 2013. According to the IDC, China will be succeeded by US, UK, Japan and Brazil. There have been forecasts made by the major Smartphone manufacturers at the Mobile World Congress Trade show last week in Barcelona, where companies such as Nokia and Samsung  were planning to launch low cost devices and low cost plastic made version of smartphones respectively for the developing markets.


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