Selfie culture – positives and negatives

Smartphones with high resolution front cameras gave rise to selfie culture with people taking photos of themselves along with their friends. Throw in social media and you will find tons of selfies posted across different profiles on a regular basis. Now days we are also supplied with a selfie stick accommodating large number of people in one snap shot.

selfie essay positive negative

Marketing strategy:

Probably the only advantage of selfie is for the celebrities as they get connected to their fan following by sharing candid moments. Nobody can deny how social media helps the stars to stay relevant in the modern world. Posting selfies also help to control your image in the online world. Some people feel that their self confidence is boosted when they take a pretty selfie, upload it on the Instagram and get likes.

A make- believe world of Selfie:

It is true that people want to be appreciated by others and Selfie is a perfect tool to realize the dream. Kids and adults are addicted to taking the photos and post on Instagram as well as Facebook to show how happy they are. In fact, it has become the latest fad among the online users but some people are fed up of selling lies through selfies.

They portray as if their life is at the cusp of happiness however the reality might be different. Various online celebrities have pulled down their Instagram accounts because they are tired of showing an untrue facade to the audiences.

Sign of narcissistic behavior:

According to the recent survey, people obsessed with selfies have displayed the traits of narcissism in their behavior along with being a psychopath. It creates an unnecessary pressure and also anxiety among people.

Selfies have caused death:

The fashion of selfie has caught up with the teens but some of them took it to another level. Taking the photo with shark approaching in the background is not a sane idea but some attempted and lost their lives. Some tried taking selfies with gun pointing on their head and accidentally shooting themselves.

Impact on health:

Excess in anything is bad including selfies. If you are idolizing a model and want to be like her, the photos will expose the shortcomings of the body and in a futile effort to ape, you might get affected with anorexia or even anemia.

Hungry for likes and appreciation:

People posting selfies to garner likes and appreciation from others generally suffer from low self esteem. They believe in how others perceive them or in other words they are affected by the people’s opinion however it is a mistake. A person should value himself or herself and not let others govern their behavior.

Self confident of a person gets tied to the amount of likes and comments. It is a dangerous habit that can cause long term problems.


The new culture of selfie has caught the imagination of the people round the world. If they are doing it for fun, it is a wonderful habit however if you are feeling let down by the absence of likes on the selfie, try to do something constructive. For instance, if you are good in drawing sketches, create a portrait according to your interest and upload it on social media.

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