Sony Smartphones 2015

Sony is trying hard to increase its share in the smartphone market by launching new devices. You can find all the Sony smartphones launched in 2015 at this page. Do join us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates on Sony smartphones.

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Sony Xperia Z Problems & Bugs

The Sony Xperia Z was launched earlier this year and has been generating a lot of buzz; mostly because of its superior ability to resist water and dust. The phone itself sports a very sleek and stylish look and was eagerly anticipated by the public to get their hands on this latest gadget from Sony.

Sony Xperia ZR Leaked

Rumors and leaks about the upcoming smartphones have become a trend now. The web is all full with many rumors and leaks about different smartphones. In the list of such smartphones, a new one has got added. This new smartphone is Sony Xperia ZR which has just been leaked. This smartphone is said to be

Sony Xperia L Mid Ranged Android Smartphone

After lots of rumors and a long wait, the Sony has finally announced its mid-range Android smartphone ‘Sony Xperia L’. This announcement has brought an end to the rumors that were claiming that Sony would be focusing only on the high-end Android smartphones. Pros: Good display screen, Nice camera, NFC support Cons: Design is pretty

Sony Xperia A and Xperia UL Uncovered

When it comes to the smartphone marketplace, ‘Sony‘ is the name that glows among the best manufacturers. The company has been shining in the news for quite some time. It is getting praised from all experts and customers for its amazing Sony Xperia Z. Anyways, ‘Sony’ is once again glowing in the headlines due to

Sony Xperia SP – Key Features And Specifications

Sony has announced all new Sony Xperia SP smartphone, this one is in the mid range smartphone category. Let’s take a look at Sony Xperia SP in detial below: Sony is in the attempt of releasing new Smartphones with devastating features of Android 4.1 jelly beans. The phone is no doubt offering the best features

Sony Xperia Z Features

Sony Xperia Z- The Phone With Numerous Features Sony has confirmed its credibility and value or worth in the sector of mobile by establishing modern features and advanced technology in its phone of Sony Xperia Z. This company has regularly brought latest application to satisfy or fulfill the requirements and needs of the customers. Now,