HTC Smartphones 2015

HTC is a big name in smartphone world, and with their latest launch HTC One, they are making the headlines. HTC is going to launch some exciting smartphones this year too, which will give stiff competition to other manufacturers. If you want to find all the HTC smartphones of 2015, you are at right place. Check below all the latest and upcoming HTC smartphones with specs, features, pros & cons.

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HTC M4 Leaked: Mini Version Of HTC One

The current year is going good for HTC, as its flagship device ‘HTC One‘ is doing well in the market. The smartphone has received good feedback from the experts and customers. We are even seeing the smartphone getting tagged as one of the toughest competitors of Galaxy S4. Company is extremely happy from the response

HTC Desire L Launched In Taiwan

The Android smartphones are growing rapidly and wreath for this tremendous growth goes to companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. Talking about the HTC, this is the name that does not need any introduction. This name is once again in the news, as the company has launched the HTC Desire L in Taiwan. This is

HTC First Specs, Features, Price & Release Date

Facebook has announced a whole new experience for your Android smartphone named as Facebook Home. Facebook Home is actually a new Android launcher, which will make your Android phone completely Facebook focused. The home screen will feature latest posts form your Facebook circle. Facebook Home is been made available for just HTC One and One

HTC E1 Android Smartphone Specs & Features

The company ‘HTC’ has been shining in the news for past some time. It is the ‘HTC One‘ device that is keeping it in the news. This flagship smartphone of HTC is yet to hit the shelves. It boasts ‘Ultrapixel’ technology, whose short production is causing delay in the release of smartphone. All the HTC

Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 VS HTC One: Comparison

The curtains from the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been pulled off and smartphone is expected to hit the shelves on the  26th of next month. HTC flagship smartphone ‘HTC One‘ is also expected to arrive anytime soon. The iPhone 5 from Apple is already shining in the stores. Those who are looking to buy a

7 Amazing Features Of HTC One

There is one company that has been in the market fighting out the competition with its designer devices. The HTC has its own way of enticing people. The handsets launched by the company have made its mark in the market and people are still looking forward to the newly launched device and the performance it

HTC One Specs

HTC has announced the new flagship smartphone HTC One. This giant comes with 4.7 inch 1080p display and looks to give a stiff competition to iPhone 5 in the coming time. HTC One was introduced at  a launch event today. It also features an all new UltraPixel camera which will produce ultra sharp high quality

HTC One VX Android Smartphone

Introduction This will get you in cavernous thinking in deciding which Smartphone to buy in the modern era. There are lots of companies in the market of smart phone and mobiles. It’s all about the feature of the particular mobile and the processing speed of that smart phone. You should have accurate knowledge about the