Best upcoming smartphones in 2014

The sector in which today’s technology becomes out-dated tomorrow is the mobile sector. The mobile manufactures are competing heavily so that every mobile making company is releasing new models with a week’s gap. Mobile users are keenly watching for next generation phones which will be equipped with advanced features. In this year Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C, Samsung’s Note 3 and Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia’s Z1 etc. are the most anticipated phones and they got positive reviews from its users. Now lets take a look at some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014.

Top smartphones of 2014

List of the best upcoming smartphones in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4

Galaxy S5 Concept

Galaxy S5 concept designed by

The most awaited phones in the android OS are Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Predictions started about the next models on the release day of S4 and Note3 itself and many are anticipating that the company will give more advanced features in the upcoming versions. With introduction of new devices like Galaxy Gear which are compatible with mobile phones, the Korean manufacturer (Samsung) is keen on improving its market share in the smart phones category. Rumors about the next generation phones include wrap around screen i.e. screen which almost looks like three sided and even speculations about Samsung’s indigenous technology. Some are even predicting metallic or leather designs for premium phones from this brand. Samsung released Note3 with 3 GB RAM, which is highest in mobiles, it is sure that the way Samsung releases it upcoming models will surely revolutionize the way of working of smart mobiles. Reliable sources from Samsung are gossiping about customizable S-Pen features also. Galaxy S5 is expected to be released in April 2014 with features like metalic body, 64-bit processor, 4 GB RAM, eye scanner, 4,000 mAh battery and 2K display.

iPhone 6

Apple is a unique brand which is very popular in the smart phone category and unlike other companies Apple has huge fan following and whenever a new model releases people wait in lines to buy those phones. Apple released 5S with 64bit operating system which is a remarkable achievement and the finger ID sensor in 5S is also a huge improvement in terms of features is concerned. After the release of 5S and 5C; rumors began about the upcoming model iPhone 6. Speculations on iPhone 6 includes Sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen with resolution 2272*1280 or 1920*1080.


After the acquiring of Nokia by Microsoft, many people are eagerly waiting for new releases from Microsoft. The company stunned the mobile world by placing 41MP camera in a mobile phone (Nokia Lumia 1020) and the Windows Mobile OS share is increasing continuously in the smart phone market.

Amazon phone

Amazon is also going to launch a phone in 2014. It could feature a 3D simulated user interface which will follow user’s head position. Though there is not much information available about this phone yet, but it could be a low to mid ranged device.

Blackberry Q30

Blackberry released Z10 and Q10 this year in hope to make a come back, but sales remain disappointing. Company could release a Q30 qwerty keyboard phone next year to target its typical fan base who like physical keyboard phones. However, the new CEO John Chen could thrash the idea of launching this phone and could turn Blackberry into a software company.

Other smart phones which are worth waiting for includes Google’s Nexus 6, Oppo N1 from Cyanogen Inc. (Chinese manufacturing firm which is gaining popularity ), HTC One 2 M8,  Sony Xperia’s Z1 mini etc. The list doesn’t end here. All the companies are manufacturing improved smartphones with most advanced technology and features. We are sure that the upcoming year will see new smart phones with advanced compatible devices which will make your smart phone experience simpler and enjoyable. Heavy competition among different mobile manufactures is introducing relatively new features and this is very good news for customers. 2014 will see a new set of phones and these days most of the phones are available in contract. So they don’t even rob your wallet. So get ready to enjoy the thrill of new smartphones soon.

By the way, which smartphone you are desperately waiting for? Speak out in the comments below.


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