S5 green/yellow-ish flickering screen at low brightness

Hi there! I’ve been experiencing some issues with my Samsung S5 screen recently. Basically, when I turn brightness down very low, around 7/8ths of the screen shows this greenish flicker. I can still see what’s on the screen but it just has a rapid green flicker superimposed. It’s not an issue when I have normal brightness set. Furthermore, when I press the lock button to lock the phone, the screen also flickers green before it goes black. Hopefully this is enough detail to help identify the issue. P.S. I am yet to update to Marshmallow due to space constraints on the phone. And the phone is relatively well looked after – barely dropped etc since I got it 2 years ago.
I just wanna know if i ignore this problem and use it at normal brightness, will the problem progress??

AladinMsallem Asked on December 11, 2017 in Android.
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Looks like this is common wear and tear thing with the displays. Some users see yellow tint, some greenish after a long usage of the phone.

smask Answered on June 2, 2018.
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