How to take a screenshot on Lava Android phones?


I want to take a screenshot on the Lava Iris Android phone. I want to capture the whatsapp chat screen but don’t know how to do it. What will I have to do to be able to printscreen my lava smartphone. Thanks

Geek Asked on March 14, 2015 in Android.
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Since Lava company makes mostly Android OS phones, the procedure is same for any other Android based phone. But it will depend on the Android version your phone is running. Go to settings > about and check which version of Android is your phone running on. If it is running Android 4.0 Ice cream or above, you can take screenshot pretty easily. But if you have a previous version of Android, then it will be a little difficult task.

Android 4.0 or higher

Having a latest version of any OS is good because you can use the latest features. Android 4.0 and higher versions come with a built in feature to let you take a screenshot easily. Simply follow these instructions and you will be able to capture screenshot in any application of your phone.

Visit the screen you want to capture, press and hold power and volume down key together for 2-3 seconds. You’ll hear a camera shutter sound and a message in the notification will confirm the screenshot has been taken.

Some phone offers another way to take screenshot. Not sure if Lava phones have this feature or not but you can try. Press and hold the power key for 2-3 seconds. You’ll see a menu pops up on the screen which contains several options like restart, shut down, airplane mode etc. Now, some phones have a “Take screenshot” option in this menu. If your Lava phone has it, tap it and screenshot will be taken.

These are the easiest ways to take screenshots on your Lava Android phone with 4.0 or higher.

Android 2.3 or lower
If your Lava smartphone is running  Android 2.3 or lower, you won’t be able to take screenshot in the ways mentioned above, because these versions of Android does not support this feature. You’ll need to install an application to do it. Search for “No root screenshot it” app in the play store and install it. It will let you take screenshots without having to root your phone. If your phone is rooted, you can use “screenshot UX” app to take screenshots.

I hope my answer will help you out and other Lava smartphone owners looking for it. Please vote up my answer if you found it useful. Cheers!

PhoneAddict Answered on March 17, 2015.
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