How to screenshot Microsoft Lumia 640?

I know there should be a way to take screenshot on Lumia 640. I used to do it on my Android before I moved to Lumia. So smartphone experts, please share the best way to take screenshots on Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 with windows phone 8.1 OS. Thanks in advance.


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Geek Asked on March 17, 2015 in Windows Phone.
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This is pretty simple. Just open the screen that you want to capture. Now press and hold the “volume up” and “power” keys at the very same time. You’ll hear a camera shutter sound, the one which you hear while taking pictures. This confirms that you have taken the screenshot successfully. If you don’t hear this voice or a notification does not appear on the screen, it means you have done something wrong.

Many times, people press one key before the other. If you press volume up key before, then you’ll end up increasing the volume. Similarly, if you press power key before, you’ll switch off the phone. So try to press both the keys at the same time. Though, there could be a second of delay but not more than that. With little practice, you’ll become really good at it and can take screenshots without any problems afterwards.

smask Answered on March 24, 2015.
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Thanks guys, I’m able to take screenshot using this method on my Nokia Lumia 540 too.  You guys are doing great job, will share this site with my friends too so they can take help from smartphone experts too.

bheem Answered on April 18, 2015.
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