Alcatel One Touch Fire With Firefox OS

The very first Firefox OS Smartphone was seen at the MWC 2013 event which included Alcatel’s one touch fire which shared the stage with the ZTE’s open. Similar to open the one touch fire is low end and small which is based upon the designs of Keon reference. It has processor of 1 gigahertz and three point five inch screen. Acetal one touch has rear facing camera of three point two megapixels and has a RAM of 256 and data storage memory of 512 MB which can be easily expanded by microSD card. It is like the low end one touch pop line of android phones set up for launch in Asia. Alcatel one touch end is colorful where users can choose their colors from seven options.

Alcatel one touch fire

Alcatel One Touch Fire is one of the first Firefox OS powered smartphone.

Mozilla & Alcatel are planning to target rising markets and the price of one touch phone is not yet disclosed and even the distribution areas are yet behind the curtains. However the pop phones budgets were earlier released and it is likely to see the phones in the US. The launch is likely to be expected in the summers of the 2013 and the partners have announced the first markets for their new addition arrivals in Spain, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Serbia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Montenegro, Hungary.

With the advancement of technology people are expecting more and more smart phones and the Mozilla thinks to fulfill their requirements with the launch of their Co debut on the Alcatel one touch which is the latest and affordable Smartphone that is going to target the similar market entry levels that androids have occupied already.

As most of the smart phone lovers expect the Smartphone positioning it is not a highly specified phone but has all the new features that can meet up smart phone requirements. It has a 3.5 inch screen where you can enjoy images, videos and games,it has enough memory to store personal data. There was an argument placed by Mozilla that Firefox OS is a much more reserve –more prudent than various other platforms. Everybody possibly wants a storage card to add to 512 MB for personal storage. There is a camera on the back of the phone which is 3.2 mega pixels with no though, LED and flash. The handset is chunky in design. Though screen sizes are medium but the pixels and colors are lively and clearer. It has outer rims with metallic effects which most of the people like as it is entirely different rim designs from existing Android phones. Firefox OS compares it with the androids but it is more like a beginners platform in a friendly manner. The home screen of the actual one touch is also considered as the launcher of apps and has side swipe sections that display several shortcuts for browsing and apps. At the bottom one touch has semi existing icon launchers that exist near the pane but not all of them are visible. Status bars, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi toggles can be pulled down.

Alcatel anticipates the One Touch Fire to be amongst the initial batch of Firefox OS devices to achieve the phone market, although that’s not hooked until the end of the existing year.


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