Smartphones 2015

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great smartphone which not only comes with beautiful design but also powerful hardware. The device is available in many countries and if you are lucky enough you might have already purchased this smartphone. The sixth smartphone from the Galaxy S series by Samsung comes with a huge 5.1-inch display screen.

Best smartphones of 2015

There are a lot of smartphones to look out for in the market and it might get confusing in deciding which smartphone you should go for.If you want to purchase a new smartphone have a look at our list of Best smartphones of 2015. Apple iPhone 6 The first smartphone which makes to our list

Moto G Pros and Cons

The latest Motorola Moto G has created enough buzz in the market and is now finally available for the sale. The phone already has been regarded as the best budget buy and will surely provide the stiff competition to the likes of Samsung, Micromax, iBall and others. The phone surely possesses some of the best

Best Smartphones February 2014

With the every new morning there is something new in the smartphone world. Manufactures are coming with their mind blowing technology to provide us the extremely engineered smart devices. Every time there are plenty of options available in the market to lure as well as to satisfy the users like us. So, if you’re planning

Nexus 6 rumors and expectations

Google is undoubtedly the sire of the internet world. Its smartphone’s series called Nexus is too quite a popular and a hot property of the smart phone market. Historically, the Google is supposed to launch only one Nexus smart phone every year that too at the end of the year. The last launched Nexus 5

5 Cool Upcoming Smartphones 2014

The year 2013 witness a number of smart phones which were full of features and powered with extreme technology. The phones like Apple iPhone 5s/5c, Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy curve, not only set the benchmark for the other rivals of the market, but, also promised to come up with something more powerful and

Top Android Games In 2014

2014 has just born, yet, it is going to be the best year for android game lovers. If you are gaming person, then you would be playing games with your Android phone 24×7. Android is the best platform to run any type of games on them. Android platform never crashes for any game irrespective of

Future of Smartphones

We can’t even imagine our life without mobile phone now a days. Mobile phones, especially smartphones became a part of our life and most of the times they are playing a crucial role in our routine activities. In the near future, we may see several advanced features in the smart phones which can be summarized

Best upcoming smartphones in 2014

The sector in which today’s technology becomes out-dated tomorrow is the mobile sector. The mobile manufactures are competing heavily so that every mobile making company is releasing new models with a week’s gap. Mobile users are keenly watching for next generation phones which will be equipped with advanced features. In this year Apple’s iPhone 5S

Best Camera Smartphones 2013

If we talk about today’s trend of buying a new phone, then camera is one of the major deciding factors that people use to buy a new phone for them. This is quite clear from the fact that all mobile phone makers put a hard work in the camera part of their mobiles. This is